I am dedicating this post to every lady /guy that has gone through unpleasant experience in their previous relationships; be it an heartbreak, you were manipulated, ‘used’, duped , abadoned, lied to, lied against, or the guy denied the pregnancy, or the lady collected all your money and was double dating while you were hoping that you have gotten a wife, or after few years of relationship your in-laws to be stood against your relationship, etc.
These unpleasant experiences had led you to close up your mind against men/ladies and you even hate the mention of the word ‘marriage’. I know of a lady, she told me she will never marry in her life. She got the money, got all she needed to have a comfortable life. She said, ‘to hell with men’. She bought dildo , vibrator and doll in form of a man , and those are the things she uses when she needs sex. Thank God she’s free from all that now.
There are times when I read some hateful posts many ladies put out on Facebook against the male gender under the disguise of feminism, and when you read the hateful posts many guys write here against ladies, you can see through those posts things like; hurt, bitterness, anger, revengeful spirit. Many of this people are really bitter and angry because of awful experiences they have been through in the hands of their boyfriends/girlfriends, fiances/ husband’s/wives.
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Let me tell you something dear ones, if you are knocked down by a car, it is still a car you will need to take you to a hospital to get treated. If they are trying to put you into a car and you refused because it was a car that hit you, you might die at the scene of that accident. Though, it might not be the car that hit you that will take you to hospital, but definitely, you will need a car to take you there. I speak in parable.
I know some men have shown you ‘pepper’. I know some ladies have dealt with you mercilessly in relationship, and now you hate all men, you hate all women. You see all men as trash, and you see all ladies as bitch. Dear ones, all men are not the same. All ladies are not the same. There are still some people who will cross the ocean and climb the mountain to ensure your happiness and safety with them in relationship. Give love another chance . Open up your heart and let God mend your broken heart. He can work on those broken pieces and turn it to a masterpiece.
Let this bitterness end. Forgive those who have wronged you. This guy that is coming to show you love, don’t send him away. Don’t transfer your anger on him. Give him a chance to prove his own love. This lady that is showing interest in you sir, why don’t you be patient to see what she has to offer you? Why are you spreading bitterness to every opposite sex just because one or three of them wronged you?
You can still get a great man to marry. Yes, you can still get a great lady to marry. Don’t close your heart against love. Single mothers, widows, widowers, jilted ladies/guys, waiting ladies/guys, there is still hope for you all. You can still find true love and you can still show love again.
Be healed! Be mended ! Be opened! Be hopeful!
You will find love again and love will find you again!
I send forth this post to bring healing and courage to everyone that needs the courage to give love another chance. I am expecting your testimony. If you need personal counselling on this issue, feel free to get in touch with me through my inbox.
Love is coming your way again. Rise up, dust yourself, dress up and get ready to meet love coming to you.
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Ebenezer Diyaolu

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