Welcome address presented by the president, nnung ema-a youth organization during 2020 get-together/maiden lecture held at chief edet akpan udo’s compound, ikot andem itam on December 30, 2020.


My heart is filled with joy and fulfillment today, because we have successfully assembled to do what we planned over sometimes. With sincerity of heart to God Almighty who led us, I, on behalf of the executive and members of NnungEma-a Youth Organization (NEYO), heartily welcome you and wish you a happy and fruitful participation in this August gathering; this December in Jesus name.


As always, it is a great day for us to see friends, brothers, and sisters once again. I have no doubt that the God who led us through the planning will see us through. We are grateful for the confidence repose on us to spend sometimes with us. Your presence shows that we are no longer in the days of ignorance and blind criticism but in an era where we objectively ask ourselves what we can do individually and collectively for the growth of our great family and IkotAndemItam at large. NEYO isoŋo!


Our dream is to bequeath enlightened, egalitarian, more developed and selfless society for our upcoming generations, hence, the topic for discussion today: “Self Employment and Self Development of the youths”. It is our utmosts believe that your time spent here shall not be in vain.


We thank our lecturer, the Royal Fathers of NnungEma-a, the Okuku of IkotAndemItam and the Head of NnungEma-a family, our mothers, other families present, IkotAndemItam community, the Youth Leader of Itu, our up and coming artists, and many others here present to grace the occasion. The youths of NnungEma-a; home and abroad (the pace setters), I thank you for printing your feet again on the sands of time. This is just the beginning of the renaissance of NEYO.


NEYO isoŋo!



AkwaIbom Stateisoŋo!


Have a fund filled day!!!







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