Our parents needs to take responsibility and begin to train their boy-child.
Many parents over-look and pamper their boys and spend time training girls, this is unfair both to the girl-child and to the society.
It is unfair to the girl-child because in the future you see these same parents looking for a responsible girl for their irresponsible boys.
It is unfair to the society as we can see riots, rape, tugs, hired killers, arm robbers etc at high rates due to untrained boy children.
To our ladies, please you have a role to play in this, because many ladies marry these irresponsible guys, just to answer the name of a man without minding the side effects of broken heart, dreams, purpose, home and future. Some even lead to loose of life.
Please, ladies start rejecting proposals from irresponsible men who weren’t trained by their parents or guidance. Tell them to go and be cultured or look for their type.
Some parents are really funny, they know that their boys are smokers, cultists, drunks, promiscuous, rapists and yet when they want to marry, these parents start looking for responsible girls, selecting the lady who their irresponsible sons should marry. Parents, what do you call our girls sef?
Just as you teach your girl-child how to talk, comport, comfort, walk, cook, be temperate, love, care, be diligent, wake early, being punctual, humble, good, calm, sit, cultured, you have to do the same to the boys.
Today, we see guys who can’t wash their clothes, cook, keep the house clean except their girlfriends or sisters do them for them. Now you know that’s one reason they go into these ungodly relationships, just to have a maid who they call girlfriend. The same reason make these lazy boys to marry, turning their wives to house maids. Boys are also human who need to be responsible without a woman.
You don’t need a woman to be a man, you only need her to be a father of your own child. You need to be completely responsible of yourself without a lady by your side.
Don’t also overlook the training of your children because you have a maid.
Every training given to the girl-child should be given to the boy-child except it’s peculiar to that particular gender. None of the gender should be overlooked.
Above all, training is do as I do.
Proverbs 22:6
“Train up a child in the way he should grow, and when he is old he will not depart from it”
God bless your family.

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