March 6, 2021

19 thoughts on “Complete List Of All The Church Of Christ In Nigeria | Roman 16 : 16

  1. Ikono LGA cont’d
    Church of Christ, Nkwot Edem Edet
    Church of Christ, Nkwot Nko
    Church of Christ, Nkwot Nung Imo
    Church of Christ, Mbiabong Ukan
    Church of Christ, Ibiaku Ntok Okpo
    Church of Christ, Oduk
    Church of Christ, Mbiafun Nkwongo

  2. Good morning Sir. Thks for a job well done. I suggest you leave a space for brethren to up date you on the Churches of Christ in there locality. I live in Asaba Delta State, we have 6 in Asaba alone not to talk of other LGA

  3. Church of Christ Amukpe Sapele Delta state. Church of Christ Oben in Ohrionwum L G A Edo state.Church of Christ Orerokpe Delta state.

  4. Good morning beloved in christ, please i have not seen any essien udim congregation in that list why

  5. Ogun state
    Church of christ ilugun
    Church of christ Apete
    Church of christ igbein
    Church of christ mile 6
    Church of christ mile 7
    Church of christ olorombo
    Coc Kajola
    Coc ija ofa and many more

  6. Benue
    Church of christ oju
    Church of christ ugbokolo
    Church of christ Akpali
    Church of christ okpoga
    Church of christ Ainu
    Church of christ ito barracks
    Church of christ ogbodo

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