How to Overcome Negative Emotions

There are two sides to life: good or bad, positive or negative; just as there are two sides to a coin – head or tail. Whatever life throws at you, you can either make the best of it, or you’d allow it to bring the worst out of you.
Every human being has a spirit and a soul, and they live inside a body. You can’t separate the spirit from the soul, but you can separate the body from the spirit.
In the human soul houses the will, mind and emotion. The emotions could either be positive or negative and these defines the life of many.
However, a body without a spirit is dead and a body with a darkened soul is equally dead.
Do you not know that it is your emotion that determines your desires or dictates your feelings? It is your spirit that feeds your will, mind and emotion.
What kind of emotions do you allow to rule your life?
Depression, suicide, loneliness, anger, lust, procrastination, guilt, condemnation and some others are negative emotions that many are victims of.
Hope, faith, trust, peace, joy, love, happiness, optimistism, courage are products of positive emotions.
Whether you are aware of this or not, both negative and positive emotions are caused by internal influences.
God told Adam not to eat one particular fruit of the garden, but the serpent – the devil – man’s archenemy came, not physically but through the mind (thought), and suggested to the woman why the fruit should be considered for food.
It has been rightfully asserted that if you give the devil an inch in your life, he will become the ruler.
If you don’t understand your configuration as human, you will become victims of certain life issues. This is why scripture has it that you must guard your heart – spirit and soul – with all diligence because from it outflows the issues of life.
As a man or woman, you must strive to be in control of your thought life. In the seat of the human soul, lies the battlefield of the mind – where the forces of good or evil, light or darkness, God or the devil – tries to prevail over man’s life.

How can you overcome negative emotions even in your relationship?

1. Banish negative thoughts from your heart
To say it would never cross your mind to look at a woman to lust is impossible, but when it happens, be sensitive enough to cast it out.
Just as outlawed citizens are banished from their state, country or place of residence, you must forcefully expel negative thoughts from your heart when they come.
It may not be a crime to have a flash of negative thoughts, but dwelling on them makes it wrong. Sow a thought, you’ll reap an act; sow an action, you’ll reap a character; sow a character, and you will reap a lifestyle.
Whenever negative thoughts or emotions sends a cold chill into your heart, destroy it immediately otherwise, you will watch it become an action that you would regret later.
2. Renew your mind daily
You need to understand that the human heart is like a car engine that needs lubrication, in order to avoid wear and tear.
When you fail to “oil” the engine of your life or service it, it will break down, thus, giving every negative things a place in it.
I do not know of any better means of renewing your mind other than with the word of God. When you meditate on His word day and night, it helps you remove negative thoughts that might have been sown into it.
God’s word has the capacity to pierce into your spirit and soul, and would transform your life inside out, so you can prove that which is right, good and acceptable will of God.
When your mind is left unrenewed, the issues of life such as carnality, immorality, greed, covetousness, evil and the likes would creep into it.
3. Keep your mind occupied
One thing I have also discovered about the human mind is that it’s like a house. If nothing good is made to occupy a house, rodents, pest and insects would make their abode in it.
If all you store in your mind is movie scenes, immoral music video, porn, human traditions, worldly opinions and those things that adds no value to human lives, you can’t live a saner and godly life.
Your mind must be occupied with God’s word. This is why you must meditate in it, think about it, muse over it, talk about it; it is not a religious thing by doing so, but to ensure that your mind is occupied with the things that would keep you positive and godly.
We are surrounded by worldly filth in that they influence the way many think, behave and react to issues of life. Guard your heart intentionally.
4. Have a positive mindset
You life can’t be better than the mindset you hold about life.
In fact, you can’t overcome negative emotions if your mindset is negative. Two wrongs do not make a right. You need positive mindset to overcome any negative mindset that the devil might sow into your heart.
A man cannot treat you right as a woman when all he has in his mind is the generalized information of how women are to be treated. A wife cannot treat you as a king when all that’s in her mentality is that all men are the same – because her father treated her mother badly.
How do you handle negative thoughts in your heart towards your spouse? When last was your mind renewed? What major thing occupies your heart? Have you worked on your mindset lately?
Those who fail to be in charge of their emotions will be slaves to it.

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